The mechanism that will save you a lot of time when washing your car

Using a best pressure washer for cars to beautify it, will save you time, effort, and water, and the end result will be superior to washing the old-fashioned way.

When we wash our car, we eliminate the accumulated dirt in the bodywork that, over time, causes damage to the paint, especially if we drive on dirt roads or on motorways.

There are those who still  wash their car using the water jet of a hose , however,  the cost can exceed 500 liters per wash ; and there are people who prefer to carry out this task using a bucket and a cloth, with which they will only spend 20 to 30 liters of the vital liquid.

Whether in a greater or lesser quantity, in neither of the two scenarios is the water used to the maximum for efficient cleaning.

The good news is that  there is a small machine that reduces consumption  and also  makes it a powerful weapon to remove any type of dirt from your car: a pressure washer.

How does it work?

 A pressure washer is an appliance that, with the help of an electric or gasoline motor, sucks water from a garden hose connected to a pipe and increases its pressure up to 50 times  (depending on size).

The discharge of high pressure water is released by pressing the trigger of the gun connected to the pressure washer, and the amplitude or concentration of the water jet can be regulated by turning a nozzle placed at the outlet of the gun.

With this, we not only make water an efficient element to remove the most difficult dirt, but also,  when using it, reduces water consumption, since it only uses between 280 and 400 liters of water per hour. In a hose they can be about 3,500 liters at the same time.

Which is the best option?

There are several brands and sizes of pressure washers on the market, such as those of the manufacturer Kärcher, which has a complete catalog, however, before choosing one, we must consider our cleaning needs and not exaggerate.

If your car is compact and used above all to get around town, the K2 Basic will suffice for small dirt particles.

If you drive a larger vehicle, and most of your tours are on the road and dirt roads, or even if you are a fan of off-road activities, the ideal team is the K4 Premium Car.

This pressure washer is mounted on practical wheels to carry the 13.9 kilos it weighs, and it includes a detergent and a practical car kit with all the necessary accessories for the ideal washing of our best friend.

Investing in a pressure washer, in addition to saving you considerable time and water, will leave your car gleaming with every wash with minimal effort.

Cautious when using it

The power of the electric motor in a pressure washer is measured in amperes and, the higher this figure, the greater the pressure at which the water expels, and the amount that comes out, expressed in liters per hour.

Hence, certain precautions must be taken, such as using plastic gloves when it is put into operation, since the speed and pressure at which the water leaves the gun nozzle can injure the user if due to carelessness he hits his hands, arms or the face.

You must wear protective glasses because, during the cleaning process, some solid particle that is adhered to the car body can jump directly into the eyes when the pressurized water releases it.